How far in advance do I need to book a session?
2 weeks.
Do I need to make a deposit?
Yes, 1/4 of your quoted booked session.
Can I make payments?
Yes, depending on what is agreed upon in your invoice/contract.
What forms of payment fo you accept?
We accept cash, credit card, PayPal, and Venmo.
What should I bring?
The Cocoon offers a wide variety of instruments, but bringing your own is encouraged. (ie. guitars, basses, small amps, cymbals, snares, electric pianos.
What should I have prepared?
It is always good to know your songs BPM and key, also have your music charted out the best of your ability. Reference tracks of songs you like will help give the producer and musicians an idea to what you’re going for.
What type of music do you specialize in?
We specialize in a wide variety of genres....mainly consisting of folk, rock, jazz, pop, funk, and soul.
What is the history behind The Cocoon?
The Cocoon was founded in 2017 by engineer Corey Zack. The first location was a cozy 500 sq ft facility in the Bergen Lafayette district of Jersey City. After having recorded dozens of records, The Cocoon moved to the Heights of Jersey City in 2020. Now operating out of a 1200 sq ft facility, The Cocoon can not only record large bands comfortably, they can host events and live streams.
Do you have means to record video?
Yes. We outsource our serious video work to local facilities such as NLK Studio, but we have some equipment on-site. That equipment incudes a Canon 90D and a SlingStudio video system that can link clients cell phone cameras together. We also have lighting, a projector, and LightForm AR.